2012 Series Dates

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LA XC Series
2012 Series Dates

March 18 - Race The Plank, Lake Charles · registration

April 21-22 - LOCOFest, Shreveport · registration

May 20 - Spillway Scramble, New Orleans · registration

September 22-23 - Piney Hills Classic, Ruston · registration

October 7 - Baton Rouge Battle · registration

November 4 - Sasquatch Stampede, Alexandria · registration

November 17 - Battle At The Bend, Cypress Bend/Many · registration

November 17 - Dual Slalom State Championship, Cypress Bend/Many · registration

Map of the 2012 trails in the series:

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Let's get this party started!

Let's get this party started!!!

Eric Heyl
Time trials

NOMAMBO will be having time trials starting IN the spring. These are all in good fun and it's good training. Come out and have some fun. We will post the dates here. Keep your eyes open.

Cat 3 Champ
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are we keeping the rules the

are we keeping the rules the same as '11..... dropping one race?

LA XC Series
Good question

Although in 2011 there was one drop race in totaling points, there was also no minimum number of races to qualify for the championships. I would imagine that we'd institute a low minimum but keep the one drop race.

We are doing an item-by-item review of potential rule changes (currently considering points calculations for team and individual awards), stay tuned.

Great Dane
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Date's changes,

if you change race dates again you'll have to talk to my wife...

Cat 3 Champ
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Mo better...... but my wife

Mo better...... but my wife isn't liking it as well. But I like that we have one race a month stretched out over the year. Thanks guys....

every ride use to be a race....

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Rider points calculations

The top 3 places should be seperated by more points.  There must be a better way for riders to gain points based on performance and not just by how many races they do. 

Also, are we going to have series number plates like the SCRCS series has.  It would cut down on the number needed for the series where the riders who  go to the first race get the number and plate that they would use for the whole series.

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Thanks for the input.  We are

Thanks for the input.  We are most likely going to a semi-standard 60-point scale.  No plans for series number plates that I've heard of.  I always end up forgetting mine from one SCRCS race to another and it costs me an extra 5 bucks.

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I agree that there should be

I agree that there should be more points separating the winners but if that is the case, there needs to be other incentive to attend more races. eg. A minimum number of races that need to be completed. A state champion that show up to 3 races and wins them all is not a great representative and has also not contributed to the series as much as the guy that shows up at all seven races.

LA XC Series
What should the minimum

What should the minimum required number of races be?  Understanding that we'll have one drop race, we were thinking that 3 of 7 was a fair number.

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I guess that whatever the

I guess that whatever the number is, it should be relative to the points scale so that one person cannot win by only showing up for a couple of races. Three would be fair if the difference in points awarded did not allow that person to win overall based on only three first place finishes.

Adam H.
either 3 or 4 would make

either 3 or 4 would make sense.  If you use 4 then you could just say "must attend at least 50% of the series races"

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