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Justin Weber
I am looking to pre-ride the Monkey Trail some time next week 4/9-4/14.
According to information found on LOCO's trails we ride Google map
link, the trail is closed on Monday, Tuesday, and major holidays. Is
this correct? What days count as major holidays? Is there an entrance
fee? Where can I find a trail map or is the trail well marked enough
that i won't need one? How long is the race loop?Who do I need to
talk/write to for answers?
LA XC Series
Information about LOCOfest

The Trail Steward, Doug Rainwater, requests that no one ride the trail from today until at least Sunday, April 7, in order to let the trail dry from recent heavy rains.

where: "The Monkey Trail," Eddie D. Jones Park, Keithville, LA
(park is outside of Shreveport next to Chimp Haven)

using GPS, enter: Mike Clark Rd., Keithville, LA -or-
+32° 15' 34.01", -93° 56' 43.48"

Google Maps link to trailhead:
The arrow indicates the trail head. You can see the path riders take across the grass from the adjacent parking area. No entrance fee. Trail is marked. Follow the markers with the bike symbol, red ones to do the full loop.

Sunday, April 22
$30 online registration or $45 onsite registration
Call (318) 780-7003 for more information

Online registration link:

Links for more info:

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