Race The Plank Results and Thanks

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LA XC Series
Race The Plank Results and Thanks

Thanks to everyone who came out, and the hard working folks who put on the race.  What great competition and atmosphere we had today!  

Here are the results with lap times.   

Thanks everyone for coming

Thanks everyone for coming out and making the race a success! I just wanted to recognize Joshua Campbell (who also kicked some single speed butt), and Chad Cantor. They also put in alot of work and kept me in line to make this all come together. I'd also like to thank our sponsors Robert Landrys Service Tire & Auto in Moss Bluff , Dean with Capital Cyclery Lake Charles and Acadiana Bicycle Company Laffayette (he donated 600$ worth of swag to give away) Rick Fitts State Farm Sulphur, and Mike Miguez at  Bare Wood Furniture Lake Charles. We also appreciate all the volunteers and Paul Trouth with Jolly Roger Cycling (he came to volunteer and helped us put out fires all day)

Thanks so much for all the

Thanks so much for all the effort you guys put into making this race happen.  I've been going to races for 13 years now and this was my first time to actually race in one.  I had a great time!  Just want you to know how much we all appreciate what you guys did.


Lets not forget the awesome sausage that was provided by Sausage Link in Sulphur.  Sorry if you belched it up all night like I did but it sure tasted good.  I'm defintely feeling the effects of all the work that went into the race and racing yesterday. 

Also forgot to thank Lynn

Also forgot to thank Lynn Gray for helping with the trail work Friday

LA XC Series
Plank photos by Michael Lyons
Great Race

Great job to Carl and and to all those who put in the effort to make this race the success that is was. First year races are always tough and you learn through trial and error. From a racers perspective it was smooth sailing.  Chip timing is the beez neez. 

Awesome race with awesome

Awesome race with awesome people. You guys did great putting on this race. Thank you to all who put in the hard work and time it took to make it happen.  I had a great time and loved the trail. 

James Ramsaur
I have been racing and going

I have been racing and going to mountain bike races since 1989 and your event was outstanding, especially for a first time race!  Great job Carl and all the Lake Charles folks who helped put it on.
I am encouraged by the number of racers and overall enthusiasm at yesterdays race, I think our series has a bright future.
Thanks again,


Great job to all that worked on the Plank.  Bike races just don't go any better than that, I know Carl worked his tail off, thanks to Ryan Barrow for the help late Saturday at the bike shop, James for the hometown hospitality, Mr. Barrow and Jessie, thanks for the hand up.

Good Race

This was my first MTB race, it was a good scene and a fun deal!!!  I've been riding this trail since 1998, before all the bridges......and I must say the prep was top notch.....never seen it so clean!!!!!!  Great event!

Adam 12
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We are all are glad that you

We are all are glad that you enjoyed it and hope that you can make it to some of the other races around the state.

LA XC Series
Official USAC Results
LA XC Series
Track Star Photography

Lots of photos from the race by Track Star Photography.  Search by your name, bib number, or browse the whole collection..  

LA XC Series
Thank you letters

In order to put on our fantastic season opener, Race The Plank, the park administration needed a little convincing.  We think it is a good idea to send the park staff thank-you letters.  It doesn't have to be long, just short and sweet (no constructive criticism please).  You can even mail the letter online through http://www.mailaletter.com/  This will ensure that we'll be able to put on the event next year.

Mail thank-you notes to:

Sam Houston Jones State Park Director
107 Sutherland Rd
Lake Charles, LA 70611

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