Lake Charles: Sam Houston Jones State Park

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LA XC Series
Lake Charles: Sam Houston Jones State Park

Sam Houston Jones State Park Info

GPS Course Map

Helmet Cam video

Online Registration (closed)

Directions through the trail (thanks Carl):

"Start at the trail head where you go through the wooden gate. Take the first left off the gravel on to the yellow trail follow that trail until the T. Go left down the hill (you're now on the blue trail.

If you go right you'll find out real quick that you went the wrong way, there's big mud holes and it takes you right back where you started). Follow the blue till the 2nd pipeline crossing and turn right. You'll see where the trail goes into the woods.

At this point you're on the high trail a little way down it splits stay right( if you go left it's no big deal it's a short cut and will put you back on the other trail. The high trail ends at a 4 way intersection go strait and cross the bridge( you'll know the intersection because there's an exit sign pointing right).

You're now on the long leaf extension. Follow it till it comes out by the pay gate and take the road back to the trail head. It sounds complicated just remember left left right right and strait through the 4 way."

LA XC Series
Jolly Roger Cycling is on

Jolly Roger Cycling is on board as the club promoting this event and Carl Barrow will be our race director for this race.

Online Registration is now open

Here's a helmet cam vid of

Here's a helmet cam vid of the trail
Sam Houston Jones State Park
skip to the 8:20 mark for the start of the trail

New to Racing
Just started cycling and want to know where to begin for the races. How do I register and what category do I fall in? I'm a 24 y/o Male beginner, running a hard-tail cannondale. 

LA XC Series
re: New to Racing
Hi there and welcome to the series.  As someone new to racing you'll register for Category 3, 19-29 age group.  There are also Cat 2, Cat 1, and Pro categories at mountain bike races.   Most Category 3 races run for about 10 miles.  

If you're wanting to race the entire series and compete for the championship, you'll need a USACycling annual license, available here:

We hope you'll race the entire series, but if you just want to try mountain bike racing, you can buy a 1-day license at the event, which will cost an extra 5-10 dollars of your registration fee.  

The first race of the series will be having registration open soon.  Follow the forums on this website, Like the series Facebook page, or follow the series on Twitter for updates about upcoming races.

Feel free to ask more questions here, and again, welcome.

Race the Plank is coming

Race the Plank is coming together nicely. So far we have secured someone to do chip timing so results should be fast and accurate!!! There will be food after the race (probably Gumbo). The park has some great accomodations so make your reservations now. There are camper spaces, tent spots (with power), cabins, showers, and bathrooms.

Sam Houston Jones State Park Info


Renee and I are in, and have our hotel reservations confirmed (couldn't get a cabin).  We'll be promoting the race until we hop in the truck to drive down.  Thanks for putting on this race!

Adam H.
Looks like registration is up

Looks like registration is up and kicking!

Race the Plank

Signed up.  Around 40 in already.

62 signed up so far

62 signed up so far

Will sell out

81 signed up as of yesterday

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No sellouts allowed!

...sorry that was some old Public Enemy.  Race the Plank is definitely going to sell out online.  

I feel good for the promoters since I know it'll cut down on a lot of volunteer ruckus come race weekend.   Maybe next year we'll be allowed to register more racers for this one.
95 people signed  up. I didn

95 people signed  up. I didn't think this was going to be a problem otherwise I would've addressed this when we were getting the permit. I will call call Baton Rouge tomorrow and see if there's a way to get this number raised. I was told otherwise but sometimes you just have to talk to the right people. I won't make any promises other than I will try my best to get more in. If you don't get in and want to email or send me a private message

Great Dane
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Is there any gpx, gps whatever files for the SH trail? How long is a loop?

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I have a GPS of the course. Here it is, only problem is the GPS doesn't handle dips and turns that well so the mileage is off.  This is one loop.

Don Armentrout
How many laps/loops are each

How many laps/loops are each of the cat's completing at "Race The Plank"? After we exit at the pay gate are we riding on the road or on the grassy shoulder?


6 mile loop with Cat 1 - 4 laps, Cat 2 - 3 laps, Cat 3 - 2 laps.  They have said we would ride back on the road, but that may mean just off the edge.  Don't know.

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re: Laps

CAT3- 2 loops
CAT2- 3 loops
SS- 3 loops
CAT1- 4 loops

We will probably be riding on the road. Due to the rain and the grass
edge having a slope, it may be difficult to navigate the side of the
road. We figured this would be the safest route. At least that is the
last discussion I remember having with Carl.

Charley Rome
Are the Cat 1s 40 plus doing

Are the Cat 1s 40 plus doing 4 laps too?

re: Cat 1 40+ mileage

Cat 1 40+ will be doing three laps.  I'm following the same format as last year for distance.

re: re: Laps

If the shoulder is dry we'll use a portion of it to the first first turn but rest will be road

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